C# runs on MONO, still it support is as in a standard console application.


Read with Console.Read* methods

  • Examples
// Read a string
var name = Console.ReadLine();

// Read an integer
var n = int.Parse(Console.ReadLine());

// Read a list of integers on the same line
var list = Console.ReadLine()
    .Split(' ')


Print using the Console.Write* methods

  • Examples
Console.WriteLine("My name is {0} and I am {1}-years-old", "John", 19);

Additional notes

You can use:

  • BigInteger
  • PowerCollections
    • Linear data structures:
      • Deque<T>
    • Tuple<T1, T2, ...>
    • HashTables:
      • Bag<T>, MultiDictionary<K, V>
    • Trees:
      • BigList<T> (Rope), OrderedSet<T>, OrderedBag<T>, OrderedDictionary<K, V>, OrderedMultiDictionary<K, V>